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PyriMax 480 EC

Insecticide - PyriMax-480-EC

Insecticide that contains Chlopyrifos Ethyl 480g/l EC.  It is active against various insect pests as a stomach poison, via contact and by vapor action. It does not hold any systemic activity and is of short residual duration when exposed to ultraviolet light in the presence of slight moisture.

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Insecticide - PYRIMAX 5G

CHLORPYRIPHOS-ETHYL 50 g/kg Insecticide  against insects and termites of fields and gardens. Pyrimax 5g destroys all insects harmful to the healthy growth of vegetables, flowers, grasses. It is active against various insect, like scarab beetles, “owlet” moths, caterpillars, Flyers as a stomach poison, via contact and by vapor action. It is intended to protect seedlings and transplantings. Its persistence of action is around 3 months. It can also be applied on termites mounds, previously broken (2 applications at 1-month interval).

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CyperMax 50 EC

Insecticide -CyperMax 50 EC

Insecticide that contains Cypermethrine 50g/l EC. It is a Pyrethroid. It is a non systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. It controls a wide range of insects specially mill and sucking insects. It has a long persistence of action. It is recommended for vegetable crops. 

Net contents: 1L, 250ml, 100ml

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Cacao Puissance 40 EC

Insecticide - Cacao Puissance 40 EC

Acetamiprid 20 G/L + Bifenthrin 20 G/L
It is an insecticide. It is systemic and intended to control sucking insects on crops. It is a powerful insecticide against miridaes, shield bugs  and cocoa pod borer.


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Insecticide - CACAO LAFI 20 EC

Acetamipride 10g/l + Lambdacyhalothrine 10g/l Puissant insecticide systémique et de contact contre mirides, punaises, borers et autres insectes du cacaoyer. C'est une formulation associant deux insecticides puissants : La lambdacyhalothrine , avec son action de choc, foudroie les ravageurs présents au moment du traitement. L'acétamipride, par sa fonction systémique (pénétration dans la plante) prolonge l'efficacité du traitement sur une plus longue période (au moins 2 mois) empêchant ainsi une réinfection rapide.

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