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Mancomax 80 WP

Fongicide - Mancomax 80 WP

Fungicide against caterpillars, insects and devastating nematodes on  market garden. 
The compound of this fungicide is the MAncozeb 80 WP.  It is a systemic fungicide that belongs to carbamate group. It  is a broad spectrum contact fungicide for control of the main groups fungal diseases in many large agriculture crops. 
Net contents : 1kg, 500 gr, 75 gr.


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Fongicide - CACAOMAX 720 WP

Fungicide for the protection of cocoa pods.

The compound is the Métalaxyl-M
CACAOMAX 720 WP is a fungicide with systemic function that is used to control Pythium (a genus of parasitic oomycotes) on cocoa pods. It also has a preventive and curative action against rot of cocoa pods.

It is quickly assimilated by rapid absorption of the cacao after application and then go deeply into the cacao tissues.

It is used in the rainy season during the active growth of cherelles and cocoa pods.

It is used before the disease onset and the first signs of infestations. 

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Fongicide - HEVEA PANGA 1GR

HEVEA PANGA 1 GR est un puissant fongicide du groupe des triazoles, avec une efficacité préventive, curative et éradicatrice sur de nombreuses maladies, à action de contact et systémique.
C'est un traitement efficace contre les Fomès qui provoque la pourriture des racines.

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